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Organisational structure and the decision-making: The consortium has adopted a clear and comprehensive project management structure that will enable us to efficiently monitor performance, manage risk and ensure that deliverables are achieved on time and within budget. The project will be governed by the Project Management Board (PMB) comprised of a representative from each consortium partner organisation. The main decision-making responsibilities will lie within the participating partners, ensuring they remain in control of the project direction and benefits. Each partner will have a vote and decisions will be made by majority voting. This will ensure that one partner cannot influence project decisions against the will of others. Figures illustrates the:

  • RESURGAM project management structure and reporting lines

  • RESURGAM PERT Chart, showing WP interactions/dependencies

Project Management Board (PMB): The PMB will comprise one senior representative from each partner in the consortium. It will be chaired by the Project Coordinator. The PMB will be responsible for the overall success of the project and will therefore be the ultimate escalation point for any project issues. The board will approve the commencement of individual work packages based on the progress of specific milestones. The PMB will closely monitor milestones and critical stop/go decision points in accordance with the risk contingency plan. The PMB will also be solely responsible for resolving any administrative or contractual issues with the EC or within the consortium. It will meet bi-annually (along with project meetings when possible). Extraordinary PMB meetings will be held when requested by the Project Coordinator.

Project Coordinator:The Project Coordinator will be the sole point of contact with the EC and will oversee all project activities and collate the deliverables and milestone reports. He will also be responsible for Legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management of the consortium. He will ensure the project consortium agreement is updated and managed when required organize meetings for Project Steering Committee, Project Management, and Dissemination and Exploitation, collate costs statements and audit certificates, coordinate payments and distribution to relevant consortium members and facilitate audits and overall liaison with the EC. To appropriately manage the workload and allow the Project Coordinator to focus on the overall management of the project, we have created separate roles for the daily management of technical project issues.

Project Technical Manager: The Project Technical Manager will be responsible for the direct management of technical project activities, monitoring technical progress and coordinating activities between Work Package Leaders. This will also involve maintaining the risk log, technical project tracker and milestone progress reports forwarded to the Project Coordinator. The Technical Manager will therefore also act as the Project Risk Manager. If a technical goal is to be dropped from the project the EC Scientific Officer will be informed of the recommendation or decision.

Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Manager: The Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Manager will report to the Project Coordinator and will be responsible for further developing the dissemination, exploitation and communication strategies. His responsibilities will include the creation of the exploitation strategy, development of dissemination plan and communication policy, identification of future funding routes and investors, approval of dissemination materials, identification of foreground IPR and implementation of adequate protection strategies. ACLUNAGA will undertake to provide the Dissemination and Exploitation management role closely supported by the IP and Marketing functions at TWI and other partner organisations.

WP Leaders: The WP Leaders are responsible for managing the Work Packages (WP) and all work conducted by participants in each WP. The WP Leaders establish, in coordination with the Project Technical Manager, the detailed schedule of the WP and the work in progress. The WP Leaders will be appointed within the organization leading each WP.

Task Leaders:Task Leaders are responsible for managing the defined tasks within a WP and all work conducted by participants in their tasks. The Task Leaders establish, in coordination with the WP Leader, the detailed schedule of the task and the work in progress. Details of partners coordinating each task is included in the WP description. Task leaders will be appointed within the organization leading each task.

Advisory Board (AB): The Advisory Board will comprise of leading experts from around the European shipbuilding and ship maintenance supply chain and value chain. They will be invited based on their extensive knowledge of the systems and processes which will be impacted upon by the outcomes of RESURGAM. Advisory Board members will be drawn from a wide range of related disciplines, thus covering all the strategic guidance requirements of the project. Advisory Board members will not bear an executive responsibility but will be in regular contact with the PMB and will meet with the PMB annually. Members of the Advisory Board will receive briefings on the progress of the project and will make recommendations. Advisory Board members will be paid travel and subsistence costs to attend meetings of the project as required. The Project Coordinator will nominate Advisory Board members in collaboration with consortium partners. Each partner will be expected to suggest a relevant Advisory Board member.