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Actions Due Date Responsible Status
D1.1 Baseline puck and tools for welding steel from 2 to 6mm thick M3 E6 Done
D1.2 Baseline puck and tools for welding steel from 8 to 12 mm thick M6 E6 Done
D1.3 Preliminary Friction Stir Welding machine specification for carbon steels in air M9 TWI Done
D1.4 Report on baseline tool reliability, repeatability and longevity M16 TWI Done
D1.5 Report on FSW Mech. Properties M18 TWI Done
D1.6 Welding tool parameters report M24 TWI Done
D1.7 Initial FSW Tool property relationship report M30 TUD -
D1.8 Tool QA Report M36 TUD -
D1.9 Route Map for Industrial Adoption M36 TWI -
D2.1 Digital Platform Mock-up M6 J4IC Done
D2.2 Digital Platform Functional Design M12 J4IC Done
D2.3 Report on how proposed design meets GDPR and other relevant regulations M12 J4IC Done
D2.4 Digital Platform – Alpha Version M19 J4IC Done
D2.5 FSW Quality Control of AI/ML Tools M23 J4IC Done
D2.6 Digital Platform User Manual M32 J4IC -
D2.7 Report on developed RESURGAM Training M36 EWF -
D3.1 Report on process definition M6 FORTH Done
D3.2 Underwater Inspection/Monitoring System (M18) M18 UoL Done
D3.3 Underwater repair protocol M18 FORTH Done
D3.4 Report on FSW repair capability M24 FORTH Done
D3.5 Prototype System for underwater inspection/monitoring M24 FORTH Done
D4.1 Report on suitability for modular assembly M6 ACLUNAGA Done
D4.2 Report on available CNC machines that could undertake FSW of steel M6 STIRWELD Done
D4.3 Prototype FSW head M24 STIRWELD Done
D4.4 Data exchange infrastructure protocol M18 J4IC Done
D5.1 I4.0 Infrastructure integration M36 J4IC In Progress
D5.2 RESURGAM FSW Robotic System Performance Report M36 FORTH In Progress
D5.3 RESURGAM Modular Fabrication performance report M36 STIRWELD In Progress
D6.1 Dissemination & Communication (DC) Strategy and Plan M3 EWF Done
D6.2 Dissemination Report & Marketing Plan M12 EWF Done
D6.3 Exploitation and Sustainability Plan M12 EWF Done
D6.4 RESURGAM Innovation Community M36 EWF Done
D6.5 IPR Report M36 EWF Done
D7.1 Quality Assurance Plan M1 EWF Done
D7.2 Project Management Plan M36 EWF Done