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RESURGAM Project Partners send all a warm HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON

December 16th, 2021

RESURGAM Project Partners “got together” to send all a warm HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON and a joyful, productive and most of all safe 2022! Please follow us next year and be the...


Second Press Release

November 03rd, 2021

During the first months of work in the RESURGAM Project, the partners involved in WP 4 have developed an investigation to determine the scope of the application of FSW in shipbuilding, for this deliverable 4.1 was prepared “Report on Suitable Components for Modular Assembly”, in which the potential use of the FSW method..


New report that outlines the basic principles of friction stir welding

October 20th, 2021

Resurgam project has developed a new report that outlines the basic principles of friction stir welding and the particular considerations that need to be made when the process, originally developed for aluminum, is transferred to welding steel. Traditionally, it has only been possible to use FSW in aluminium, so the advances in the field represent a huge opportunity to improve the productivity of European shipyards...


2nd International Congress

September 14th, 2021

We welcome you to attend RESURGAM project presentation at the 2nd International Congress on Ship and Marine Technology to be held on the 16th and 17th of September in Istanbul! ..


74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference

July 7th - 17th, 2021

RESURGAM Project was presented during the 74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference under the theme Robotic Artificial Intelligence Enabled Friction Stir Welding systems in shipyard maintenance for in-water and underwater repairs. This activity is one of the communication and dissemination tools..


Monthly meetings

After being agreed at the KoM, follow-up meetings have been held every month with the project partners. In these meetings, the progress of the activities under development was reported. In each WP, the leader is in charge of presenting the progress, pending issues and also of moderating any discussion generated in this regard..


Podcast about the Resurgam project

May 08th, 2021

On this Podcast we talk about the Resurgam project. The project addresses the challenges European shipyards face with maintenance. By applying Friction Stir Welding, a high integrity, low distortion, environmentally benign, welding technique some of the challenges are resolved. The goal is to reduce the overall cost and Ambiental impact while repairing ships. We spoke with the project development team, Doctors, Satonu of Element six, Stephen of TWI, Laurent of Stirweld and Peter of Forth..


First Press Release

April 13rd, 2021

The first of the 7 Press Releases planned throughout the project execution was developed, pub-lished and disseminated. Each one of them will be associated with the achievement of relevant milestones, and with a strict schedule, as shown in the following table.Over 36 months, in 9 countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, France and Poland)..


Resurgam Kickoff Meeting

March 31st, 2021

The Kick of Meeting of the RESURGAM Project took place on February 11, 2021. Due to the exceptional situation that the project was going through, it was organized by EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting) in a virtual format. The day, which started at 09:00 hours, lasted until 17:45 hours, during which time the project..